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Last updated July 22, 2007
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Podcast #01 - Pat Bossman on Statistics

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Blog Entries by Catagory
DB2 for z/OS
General Information
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   Meet the DBD family: DBID, OBID, PSID, etc...
What a family! Misunderstood, avoided, misquoted, and sometimes even feared. Everyone has some opinion about them yet few people really take the time to understand them. So, I decided it was time to give them the opportunity to tell their side ...
   Another rant, this time on DB2 security
I have been fortunate in my career. Between education, consulting, pre-sales, and now sales, I have had the opportunity to get involved in a lot of different DB2 related stuff. I like to sometimes joke about my 30+ years in database by describing ...
   Attention Houston area DB2 professionals
If you live within driving distance of Houston (what ever that means), you need to read this and please give what you read serious consideration. Do you know what Houston has?    The forth largest population in the United ...
   Another opinion about when to do a DB2 bind
I have made a bunch of post over the last few months discussing why it's important to do binds in DB2. While looking through my latest copy of  z/Journal Magazine, I came across an article by  Craig Mullins on ...
   Putting your Data Warehouse on DB2 for z/OS reminder
I wanted to remind everyone that I am still updating my Data Warehouses on DB2 for z/OS counter on my warehouse post from &nb...
   A Visual Explain and Statistics Advisor update
I know you all know that DB2 Visual Explain (VE) Version 8 (with Statistics Advisor) is extremely cool. You probably have used VE or have at least seen a presentation about it at one of the conferences. If you are a fan, I have news for you. ...
   My first attempt at a DB2 Podcast
I'm getting to finally do something that I have wanted to try for quite sometime; a podcast. However, it is not going to be me doing all the talking for a change. For this first podcast, I'll be asking the questions and running the controls. ...
   Reminiscing with the DB2 catalog and directory
Do you know what the most important group of page sets are in all of DB2? More important than you most critical production table space? Yup, you guessed it; DB2's catalog and directory. I thought might be interesting this morning to take a short...
   Some thoughts on Declared Global Temporary Tables from Pat Bossman
Pat Bossman, DB2 for z/OS Query Optimizer Team at IBM's Silicon Valley Lab (SVL), was nice enough to share with me an internal blog entry he recently wrote on Declared Global Temporary Tables and told me I could in turn share it with you all. So, ...
   Daylight Savings Time is at 2:00 AM, March 11, 2007
T - 6 days and counting!!! Yes, our new day light savings time happens the end of this week. Are you ready? I hope so. Here is a short post I made back in December 2006 forewarning you all. It has a few links about the change. You can check ...
   Did you survive the Daylight Savings Time change?
So, how did things go for you this morning? Did you realize the dome and gloom that the news media has been hyping up for about 2 weeks now? Or was this just another Sunday morning, one hour shorter maybe, but uneventful just the same? For me, ...
  Will daylight savings time play an April 1st trick on you?
You put on the fixes and patches and you did all of the testing. March 11 came and went and you had minimal if no problems with the changed date for daylight savings time (DST). You know all about the potential problems moving the forward a few ...
    "And the survey says…"
This blog entry's title is for those of you who might remember the television game show "Family Feud". "People", and they never tell us who those "people" are, are polled. The contestants have to guess the most popular answer. Well, we aren't ...
  Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS
Have you heard about Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS or OSC for short? This new tool has been demo'ed at a few of the conferences. If you haven't had the chance to experience this latest no cost tool from IBM for DB2 for z/OS, you ...
  OSC: Optimization made easy… (well, at least easier!!!)
I started a discussion about OSC, or Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS, in a post I made a few days ago.  (See my prior post titled  "Optimization..."
  You can never have too much "good press"
I get a real kick out of real positive articles about System z. After all that noise in the 90's about the mainframe being dead, it's great to read an independent writer's comments about how well things are going for us mainframe folk. His ...
  DB2 for z/OS maintenance: It's time to reevaluate you strategy
I have always been troubled by the maintenance strategies some of my friends have chosen for their DB2 for z/OS subsystems. In fact, in some cases, I might almost label their strategies as reckless; they're just asking for a DB2 problem to occur. I ...
  Parallelism and zIIP specialty engines - it just keeps getting better
Yes, I know you have heard all this stuff already about which workloads are eligible to run on a zIIP specialty engine. Although I am going to rehash some of that old news, I do have what I think is a piece of up-to-the-minute zIIP details that ...
  Is anyone seriously looking at upgrading to DB2 9 for z/OS?
I'm back with another poll. This time it's about DB2 9 for z/OS and this time I hope a get a really large number of responses. Please remember that no personal information is being captured. Even if it were, I'm not enough of an Internet geek to ...
   Have you reorganized your DB2 catalog lately?
If your answer is no, then I have to ask why not? How often do you reorganize your production table spaces? I'm guessing fairly often. So, what can be more "production" than your DB2 catalog? Sure, you don't have to REORG your catalog as ...
DB2 for z/OS
Version 8
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  DB2 for z/OS Version 8 use of DFSORT
I was going for a nice flow with this series of entries, building every couple days on the previous discussion until planning for Version 8 was complete. However, like many things I start, I need to head off on a tangent for this entry. In the last...
  How does migrating to Version 8 affect DSNZPARM: More planning stuff!
I know, you've been holding your breadth wondering when I was going to get around to a discussion on DSNZPARM. Well, the wait is over. In today's entry, I will take a look at a few DSNZPARM changes that I believe have the potential of affecting you ...
  IBM DB2 for z/OS Version 8 Webcast October 25, 2005
I wanted to make sure everyone knows about this one. This webcast will discuss the performance improvements in DB2 for z/OS Version 8. "Optimizing Your Performance with DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8" is schedule for October 25, 2005 at 11:00 AM Eastern...
  DB2 Version 8 and that little thing called Unicode
Unicode is an interesting subject. For some reason there still seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject. Unicode is one of those things that looks new yet has been around for a long time. Although it has been an optional part of DB2 on the...
  More Unicode stuff
For today's entry, I thought I would stick with the Unicode theme just a little longer. In my last post I made a comment about IFCIDs (Instrumentation Facility Component Identifier). This is definitely a subject, IMHO, that needs a little more ...
   More on DB2 security... with a little Version 8 to spice it up
The other day I suggested assigning SYSADM and Install SYSADM to a RACF group, or secondary authid. It seems a little more should be said about secondary authids and what you gain when you start using secondary authids in DB2 Version 8...
  More security stuff, but this time it's all in Version 8
Let's pick up where we left off before the Holidays; DB2 security. We live in a world where our privacy and the protection of our personal data have become paramount. Yet, as ill-timed as it may seem, this need for information security comes in...
  Reserved Words revisited
Recently I received an interesting question from a friend in Seattle about my August 22, 2006 post on reserved words; "DB2 for z/OS Version 8 Reserved Words". They asked about DB2 catalog tables having columns that ...
  Did someone tell you that 64 bit would solve all of your DB2 storage issues?
If they did, they may have been correct. However, way to many people back in DB2 V8's early days were running around telling everyone that simply going to DB2 Version 8 would solve all of their storage troubles. Some of those comments were made ...
  And even more about DB2's storage usage below the bar
So, we just talked about thread storage yesterday in my post  "Did someone tell you that 64 bit would solve all of your DB2 storage issues?". I have also had a post about the local statement cache being below the bar a ...
  One last storage comment
RELEASE (DEALLOCATE) changes a few of the rules when it comes to releasing storage. For example, even if you choose to use the DSNZPARM keyword CONTSTOR in attempt to take advantage of storage contraction, RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) negates the entire ...
  You can download my V8 Planning presentation
For the last year I have been doing a presentation that covers some of the planning you can do before you even order DB2 for z/OS Version 8. It has lots of hints and tips, and because it is a PDF file, all of the links I reference in the ...
  DB2 Version 8 CPU regression
You own a great car. It's a nice 2 door, drives well, has had some maintenance issues, but overall runs pretty OK. However, it is over three years old and the warranty runs out in a year. While visiting the dealer, you find a great vehicle. It's ...
   DB2 Version 8 CPU regression - my conclusions
The cry heard round the world of late has been "How much CPU is DB2 Version 8 going to use?" OK, that may be a little over the top. However, whether you call it CPU consumption, CPU regression, or simply CPU usage, this seems to be a big question ...
   DB2 Version 8 CPU regression - a little more info
I know Wednesday's post on CPU Regression (1/24/2007) was a bit long. However, even at its somewhat excessive length for a blog, it didn't cover near everything there is to say about CPU cost in V8. So, over the next week or so I wil...
  DB2 Version 8 CPU regression - continued
What do all of the words in the following list have in common? Rumor, conjecture, speculation, best guess, educated guess, not a clue but I'll guess anyway, made up, no idea, supposition, assumption, and theory. They all describe techniques for ...
  DB2 V8 Common Criteria reporting tool for DB2 V8
Are you familiar with Common Criteria? Did you know that DB2 for z/OS Version 8 can be Common Criteria compliant? If you know the answers to both of these questions, then you are probably going to be interested in the APAR that just closed the ...
  Interesting V8 SQL Change
We spend a lot of time talking about the really neat stuff like multi-row FETCH & INSERT and such because they give you some significant CPU back when you change your applications to take advantage of them. However, DB2 for z/OS Version 8 has a lot ...
  V8 Manual's have been updated
Have you been out on the  DB2 for z/OS Version 8 Books website lately? You should. As I am always suggesting, you need to visit this page frequently to make sure that you are always working from the most up-to-date information. ...
  DB2 Version 8 does a (re)balancing act with REORG
You've heard about the rebalance feature in DB2 Version 8 and now you would like more information about how to use it and how it works. Well, your answers can be found in the most recent issue of  z/Journal Magazine. In the ...
  Another short comment on V8 CPU usage
Sometimes what is measured isn't always what you think it is; isn't always an accurate picture of what is going on. So is the case with CPU regression. If you are comparing accounting information from Version 7 to the CPU being used by Version ...
  SMF Type 89 record collection and DB2 Version 8
This post is for those customers using "software usage based pricing" and getting ready to move to V8 or have moved to V8. If you are not using "software usage based pricing" or you have no idea what it is, then you can skip today's post. ...
   You have a DB2 license but you don't have a current Diagnosis Guide and Reference. Now what?
What's the deal? You have a DB2 license so you should have the license materials, right? Well, actually you do have the license doc, you just don't have up to date documentation. It seems that getting the current documentation has turned into a ...
   DB2 Version 8 DFSORT questions are starting up again
I still get questions about DB2 V8 and DFSORT. I posted a couple of times about this way back on  08/01/2005 and  09/11/2005. One of the short comings of a blog, you are only reminded about the most current en...
   A new addition to IDUG's Podcast series
Just when you thought the only thing anyone would ever talk about again was DB2 9 for z/OS stuff, a little something about DB2 for z/OS Version 8 pops up.  IDUG has invited me to do a couple of podcasts about DB2 Vers...
   Let's talk rebind and your DB2 V8 upgrade one more time: A rebind recap/summary
This discussion continually keeps popping up from time to time. Every month we have more and more folks moving to DB2 Version 8 which means we have people who had no interest in the subject of binding stuff last year suddenly needing the ...
   My second DB2 V8 podcast posted on IDUG's web site
My second podcast discussing upgrading to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 has just been posted on IDUG's web site. If this sounds interesting, you can download it at &nb...
   Service Update now available for DB2 for z/OS Version 8
Here's something that could make the process of upgrading to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 just a bit easier.    Effective June 15, 2007, the DB2 for z/OS Version 8 SUP tape is available world-wide for new customer orders!    This SUP tape was built ...
   One more reason to stay current on your DB2 maintenance
I have discussed the importance of staying current on DB2 for z/OS maintenance many times on this blog. Staying current helps you avoid potential problems by allowing you to fix that problem before it hurts you. However, do you have any idea how ...
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   Migrating to DB2 for z/OS Version 8
I was chatting with a friend recently about their possible DB2 for z/OS Version 8 migration. As in previous conversations with others about V8, the discussion quickly turned to the "three modes"...
   DB2 for z/OS Version 8 migration pre-planning
I received an e-mail yesterday suggesting I start my discussions a little further back in the process and before actually talking about all the different modes that come into play when migrating...
   More V8 Planning
Planning a migration to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 is still the ongoing focus of this blog until someone points me in another direction or I run out of stuff to talk about.  You do not want to rush into this migration. Your success may ...
   And even more V8 Planning stuff
Well, it's 94 and 62% humidity as we get ready for our daily late afternoon thunderstorm just north of Houston. What better time to jot down a few more comments about pre-migration planning for DB2...
   Wrapping Up Version 8 Planning
I want to wrap up my discussions covering the planning portion of moving to DB2 for z/OS Version 8. However, before getting into that, I first would like to summarize what we have chatted about so...
   More on documentation: This time a warning!
Over the past few months I have made a number of post pointing you to all kinds of DB2 documentation resources. While I was preparing my first Compat Mode entry, I remembered that IF you are...
   Let's begin our Compatibility Mode discussions
You have completed all of the suggested planning, and the tapes have arrived. It is finally time to start your migration from DB2 Version 7 to Version 8. The most important thing you want to...
   V8 Compat Mode - How long is long enough
Migration to compatibility mode is complete, or almost complete. The next big question that comes up is "How Long?" How long is long enough for you to stay in compatibility mode? You will not...
   V8 Compat Mode - What about Coexistence
I must be missing English class because this entry had me searching for a dictionary to look up the definition of my title word. The current web version of the Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines...
   V8 CM - To Bind or Not to Bind, that is THE question!
And rest assured, it is a decision you will eventually have to make once you begin your migration to V8 compatibility mode.
   DB2 Version 8 and that little thing called Unicode
Unicode is an interesting subject. For some reason there still seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject. Unicode is one of those things that looks new yet has been around for a long time. ...
   Forward or backward, it's all just the same
Does this sound like the beginning of a discussion about one aspect of indexing in DB2 for z/OS Version 8? Well, it is. Let's say you're back running DB2 Version 7 and have an SQL statement in an...
   One more reason to bind after migrating to DB2 V8
Have you noticed a decrease in performance of some queries after migrating to DB2 for z/OS Version 8? I'm referring to those long running applications with SELECTs and FETCHs that process lots...
   More on when to rebind in Version 8
Today's post is inspired by Rick's comment to my Saturday, April 1st entry that discussed "One more reason to bind after...
   What's your DB2 for z/OS V8 migration strategy?
A migration strategy (the part that tells you how you're going to get from V7 to V8 new function mode(NFM)), in my opinion, is almost as personal as how one fixes their bagel in the morning. ...
   You're in V8 CM and don't like your access path. Now what?
Good question and one that I think is of concern to almost everyone when they migrate to V8 (or any other version migration). I guess you always have the option to scream "Hey DB2 land, what's...
   Cool stuff for the folk in CM
I know it's been a while since I had a post with a little content. We are all in the same business here so I will skip the long list of excuses and just say I will try to post more often. With that...
   The report of "excessive CPU consumption" was an exaggeration.
My attempt here was to paraphrase Mark Twain's quote "The report of my death was an exaggeration." However, while trying to find the correct wording I discovered that most think Mark Twain...
   V8, CM, Rebind, and Statistics: What do they all have in common?
You're in V8 compatibility mode (CM) and you believed us when we suggested that you really should rebind your packages to take advantage of all the new optimization delivered in DB2 V8. . But is...
   Do you need to take a nibble out of your V8 CM CPU overhead?
Are you looking for ways to help reduce your CPU overhead while in DB2 V8 compatibility mode (CM)? One easy method available to you in CM is the long-term page fix option for the DB2 buffer pools. ...
   An update on moving off of DB2's private protocol
This entry had its real beginnings a few weeks ago when I talked about private protocol really getting removed from DB2 finally. That discussion started in my blog entry on August 11, 2006: <a...
   More on your DB2 V8 upgrade and binding packages
I know, not more stuff about bind. Sorry about that but I keep thinking of stuff I forgot to mention in previous posts. This post will be real short though so it will be a very quick read....
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   It's time to examine Version 8 Enable New Function Mode (ENFM)
We have discussed pre-migration planning in a number of my earlier blogs and looked at compatibility mode (CM) in a few of my more recent blog entries. Now it is time to examine some of the things that happen in enable new function mode (ENFM).
  ENFM to NFM to ENFM to NFM to… Yes, you can move between the two!!!
In some blog entry posted months ago, I commented that when you install DB2 Version 8, you are installing a single code base. Compatibility mode (CM) is the same DB2 code as enabling new function mode (ENFM) is the same code as new function mode ...
NFM     (to section)
  Some personal opinions/observations about the performance of DB2 V8 Multi-row FETCH
It's Thursday night and I should be home getting ready to pour a glass of red wine (preferably a Cab) and watch some mindless, completely non-educational television. But instead, I'm stuck at some hotel about a mile from Love Field in Dallas. Why ...
  A revision to my personal opinion/observation on the performance of DB2 V8 Multi-row FETCH
It's raining this dreary Saturday morning in Houston so I've decided to post a revision to one of my previous post that I made this week. Because I am now "working", I'm hoping this gets me out of hanging pictures today. (Isn't it kin...
DB2 9 for z/OS
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  SQL MERGE - no more figuring which SQL statement to use
Ever write an application that has to have logic to determine if a row exists before it is inserted. If the row doesn't exist, the row is inserted. However, if the row does exist, then you have to do an update. You have to code multiple SQL ...
  DB2 9 Premigration Checkout Job (03/6/2007) 
   DB2 9 for z/OS General Availability (GA) Date Announced
It's here and it's official. Today, Tuesday, March 6, 2007, just one short month after the End of Service announcement for DB2 Version 7 (see my post last month discussing EoS...
   Ready for DB2 9? Here's an open APAR that you may want to keep an eye on
Yesterday I posted that DB2 9 for z/OS will be generally available (GA) on March 16, 2007 ( "DB2 9 for z/OS General Availability (GA) Date Announced"). Well, I came across this open APAR that will distribute the premigration h...
   More stuff about DB2 9 for z/OS GA Announcement
I'm sure you can't tell, but I am very excited about DB2 9. I think it is an extremely cool release. Of course, I always go nuts over new technology, I just love change. The IBM press release is now available on IBM's website. I am providing ...
   DB2 9 for z/OS is showing up in the press
Since I have been talking a lot about DB2 9 since its announcement last week (see my 3/6/2007 post  "DB2 9 for z/OS General Availability (GA) Date Announced"), I thought you might be interested in what the press has to day. Here is a...
   Another first look at DB2 9 for z/OS details
You may have noticed that I have started to post some details about DB2 9 for z/OS. With the GA this Friday, I guess I can assume all is now fair game. So expect to see a bunch of stuff here discussing some of the less talked about features of DB2 ...
   Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about column placement?
Ever since there has been a DB2, there have been questions about the correct placement of fixed length data (CHAR) and variable length data (VARCHAR) in a row. And of course, there have been lots of different opinions about what is correct, what ...
   DB2 9 for z/OS went GA today
I spent so much time today worrying about the DB2 9 documentation web site going live, I completely forgot to remind everyone that DB2 9 for z/OS went generally available (GA) today. That means that everyone can download DB2 9 for z/OS over the ...
  I just love reading good press about DB2 9 for z/OS
I've said it many times before. There is so much good stuff I could talk about when discussing DB2 9 for z/OS, it's that cool. It just makes my job so much easier though, when someone else does the talking. I came across this little tid-bit ...
   A sneak peak at DB2 9 for z/OS performance
Are you curious about the possible performance improvements in DB2 9 for z/OS? Then I have just the thing for you. Akira Shibamiya, performance guru with DB2 for z/OS development, IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory, has a presentation out on the IBM ...
  The clones are coming, the clones are coming… with DB2 9
No, we're not talking about Dolly the sheep. And yes, I know that isn't all that funny, but it's the best I can do from a hotel room with all the noise going on tonight. What I'm actually going to talk about this evening are the DB2 9 for z/OS ...
  "Searching" for the right information
If you are in search of the correct answers on the internet or your extranets, you might find this new Redbook of interest.  "IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition Version 8.4: Configuration and Implementation Scenarios" is still in draft form. H...
  How can I make an SQL INSERT faster?
Now there's a question I've heard for years, maybe as long as I have been working with DB2. Probably one of the primary ways to add rows (data) to an already existing table, INSERT has long been a point of concern for many. It's discussed in ...
  The magical disappearing column
DB2 9 is fascinating. The more you read about it, the cooler the stuff is that you find out about. This post is about a feature I have seen little to nothing published about it so far. Granted, it's pretty simple feature and extremely ...
  So, when did that row last get changed?
Do you have a need to know when a row was last changed or inserted? Would you like to find out using a feature of SQL and have everything to track a last changed just happen automatically. If you do, then does DB2 9 for z/OS have another cool ...
  To log or not to log, could this even be a question?
For the first time in DB2's 24 years, you are being given the option to shot shoot yourself in the foot for just about any user table space defined to DB2. There are a few key phrases in the previous sentence. The first is "shot shoot yourself..."
  Optimization Service Center (OSC) Part I (04/04/2007) 
  DB2 may help fix contention from index hot spots
Sometimes stuff just all ends up in one place no matter how hard you try to pick a key that will spread the data around. I worked on a system many years ago where we jumped through all sorts of strange hoops trying to insure some kind of even ...
  Optimization Service Center (OSC) Part II (04/11/2007) 
  Spatial and DB2 9 for z/OS
DB2 9 for z/OS is getting very close to giving you the ability to store and manage spatial information in a DB2 mainframe database. Just about every company I can think of probably has a use for spatial data. If you can describe where...
  Before you can go forward, you need to know where you've been (DB2 9 recap)
Maybe I'm finally starting to get a "little" old. This morning as I started to write this blog entry, I found myself unable to remember what DB2 9 for z/OS features I have already blogged about. So I thought the first thing I should do is recap ...
  DB2 9 for z/OS Universal Table Spaces (UTS)
DB2 9 introduces a little thing called universal table spaces or what everyone seems to like referring to as UTS. This is, IMHO, an extremely cool feature. And although you haven't heard everyone clamoring for universal table spaces, it's a ...
  Let's continue our discussion on CLONE tables in DB2 9 for z/OS
Back on March 23, 2007, before DB2 9 officially went GA, I had a short post that discussed CLONE tables in DB2 9 for z/OS. I didn't want to go in to a lot of detail at that time because DB2 9 wasn't available yet. However, now that it has been ...
  DB2 9 for z/OS, compression, REORG/LOAD, and a possible surprise
Today's post is a short heads-up for those of you that have just moved to DB2 9 for z/OS and also use table space compression (did you notice I have to start identifying whether I'm talking about table space or index compression now). If you are...
   Something old, something new, something DB2 9, something blue
Yes, I know that's extremely corny. However, for this particular post it's actually fairly accurate. We're going to talk about how a bind parameter is switching back to its old original default, how one of the oldest bind parameters is taking on ...
   I have always really liked incremental image copies, and now they just got a little better
For the longest time I had difficulty convincing others they should consider using DB2's incremental image copy. There always seemed to be some kind of aversion to using incrementals that I never could quite understand. However, most people I ...
   Optimization Service Center fixpak 1 available
If you've downloaded Optimization Service Center (OSC) for DB2 9 for z/OS, you should go out a pick up the first fixpack. Fixpack 1 has a number of requested improvements. OSC is extremely new and the only way to experience its true value is to ...
   Think: z/OS 1.8, WLM, DB2 9, buffer pools, less pain, and better performance
I have discussed a few times over the last few years, the synergy between DB2, z/OS and System z. They work together to give you a best of breed solution. With that in mind, what do you think the 4 things listed in this post's subject all have in ...
DB2 for z/OS
Version 7
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   17 months and getting closer everyday... DB2 Version 7 EoS announcement
It's official. As of today, Tuesday, February 6, 2007, the announcement has been made that DB2 Universal Database Server for OS/390 and z/OS Version 7® will go out of service on June 30, 2008. This is no longer a tentative date. This is...
  It really is better than DB2 Version 7
Today's post borders on being a rant. I am really getting tired of people telling me how bad they think DB2 for z/OS Version 8 is. The stuff I hear is amazing. Sure, there have been some problems. I know customers with a 1,000 line COBOL ...
DB2 for LUW(to top)
   Do you know who won the CODiE this year?
In fact, do you have any idea what a CODiE is? The  CODiE Awards is the only peer-recognition awards program of its kind in the industry. It's kind of like having your competitors pick you for an award. However, getting back to the poin...
  Voice of the DB2 Community - A Podcast Series for DB2 LUW
Ya, I know… it's not z/OS… however, even though this webpage's content is completely DB2 LUW specific, it's still extremely cool. It contains lots of podcast covering different aspects of DB2 for LUW. It's also set up as an RSS feed so you can ...
   A pointer to a "DB2 Viper 2 Open Beta" blog entry by Chris Eaton
On Friday, June 15, IBM announced the next release of DB2 9 for LUW (Linux, UNIX, Windows), their Open Beta program for DB2 Viper 2. Would you like to know more? Check out Chris Eaton's blog entry: &nb...
z/OS(to top)
  If you work with z/OS, what's significant about April 1, 2007?
For some, April 1st this year may have been quite the April Fools Day.   First, it's the day daylight savings time should have happened if the government hadn't moved it up a few weeks. However, for this post, it signifies the end of servi...
  "Take Back Control of Your Mainframe Information Assets" seminar coming to a city near you
Are you a data person? Is your company becoming more and more interested in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Would you like to know more about how SOA ties into your data and your mainframe? What about the value of your data's quality? If ...
  For all of you security minded folk out there, z/OS 1.8 is now EAL 4+
It's 6:30 AM Friday and I'm back at Dallas's Love Field playing airline roulette. Flights are still messed up this morning because of crews arriving late last night and planes being in the wrong place after the thunderstorm finally ended (or has it ...
   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) gets EAL4+ certification on System z
OK, it actually achieved an EAL4+ rating for more of IBM's servers than just System z. In fact, it covers RHEL5 on System x, System p, System z, and BladeCenter. Of course, I'm just a little System z centric so I'm most excited about the System z ...
   Some light reading for the weekend about how cool the mainframe still is
IBM made a few announcements on June 21, 2007 that pretty much told the world the current state of the mainframe. And if you read any or all of the attached articles, you'll see that they all agree that the mainframe is alive and well and we (IBM) ...
   Here's a horse of a completely different color: z/OS and not DB2
Absolutely no DB2 content in today's post. This one is going to be all about z/OS, probably one of the greatest operating systems ever developed IMHO (in my humble opinion). If you don't know z/OS, or what some of us that have been around way ...
Spacialty Engine
(to top)
   zIIP specialty engine   (January 24, 2006)  
   Want to know more about the zIIP specialty engine?   (February 1, 2006)  
   Another comment on zIIP   (February 9, 2006)  
   More information on the zIIP specialty engine    (February 23, 2006)  
   zIIP specialty engine availability announced   (April 27, 2006)  
   APAR update for the zIIP specialty engine   (June 19, 2006)
This post has a list of most of the know APARs required to enable the zIIP specialty engine.
   Update on which zIIP fixes are shipping and some new zIIP eligible workload   (July 1, 2006)
This post updates the APAR list made in the June 19 post.
   APAR update for zIIP eligible workload - There's a new APAR   (July 10, 2006)  
   Last DB2 APAR for zIIP closes   (July 30, 2006)  
   zIIP APAR alert   (September 21, 2006)  
  zIIP and zAAP get more responsibility: they just keep getting better
Recently on one of the list there was a discussion of what you could do with a zAAP specialty engine, other than process JVM work. In other discussions, questions have come up about zIIP specialty engine only doing DB2 work. Specialty engines...
  "Capacity Planning for zIIP Assisted IPSec" white paper available
Back on  April 18, I made a short post about some new workload that will be moving to zIIP and zAAP. As a follow on to that announcement, there is now a capacity planning white paper covering zIIP assisted IPSec. The white...
  Parallelism and zIIP specialty engines - it just keeps getting better
Yes, I know you have heard all this stuff already about which workloads are eligible to run on a zIIP specialty engine. Although I am going to rehash some of that old news, I do have what I think is a piece of up-to-the-minute zIIP details that ...
(to top)
  New Redbook
I was on the phone this morning discussing how grand and wonderful DB2 for z/OS Version 8 is when I was asked if there was someplace that summarized the benefits of migrating to v8. It so happens that last week a Redbook was released by IBM on just...
   More reference material
After making my last post this morning, I started to think of all the "where do I find it" questions I get while visiting customers or presenting at conferences. It then came to me what better place than right here to give some "pointers" to a few ...
  More on documentation: This time a warning!
Over the past few months I have made a number of post pointing you to all kinds of DB2 documentation resources. While I was preparing my first Compat Mode entry, I remembered that IF you are doing planning for DB2 Version 8 or if you are current...
  Running Linux on System z is looking even better
Since the first time I heard a presentation about using an  IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux) to run Linux on System z, I thought it sounded like a great idea. Just think of all of the advantages. You can run multiple Linux s...
  Upcoming IBM Teleconference: WebSphere and DB2 Pooling and Caching. Help with Your Decision
This one sounds like a winner. It's a great topic with an excellent speaker. Even if you are not into WebSphere, I think you can still get a ton of information out of this session. And Maryela really knows her stuff!!!
  Hot Topics Newsletter from IBM, DFSORT, and DB2
Hot Topics Newsletter is being distributed in hardcopy at SHARE this week. It is published twice a year and usually packed with interesting article about stuff that runs in z/OS. One of the article authors pointed out a nice article coverin...
  Another happy DB2 camper
I borrowed my Subject directly from the DB2-L post that Aurora Emanuela Dell'Anno (Compuware Ltd.) made yesterday. I love sharing DB2 success stories and I figure some of you may not subscribe to the DB2-L listserve. So here is most of the ...
  Some V8 migration reading material from IDUG
I was just cruising the online version of IDUG's Solution Journal and came across a very well written article on a DB2 migration to Version 8… written from a customers point of view and written by that customer. Very cool… very well done. If ...
  SOA and Information Management
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) touches everything today, including DB2. If you need to keep up with what's happening with SOA and Data, I have a couple of IBM resources you should check out. First, there's IBM's website covering all things ...
  Check out the new z/Journal Magazine
The February/March 2007 issue was distributed at SHARE last week. And a PDF version of the entire magazine can be downloaded in PDF format from  z/Journal Magazine's website. Of course, you know there has to some ...
  Last week I mentioned an article on DFSORT
This week I want to remind all of my friends moving to DB2 Version 8 that the DB2 Utilities use DFSORT, regardless of what sort product you might own. Because of this change it is imperative that you visit the two informational APARs available that ...
   My Catalog article is featured this week at z/Journal Magazine's web site
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had an article on DB2 catalog recovery published in the February/March 2007 issue of  z/Journal Magazine, the issue that was distributed at SHARE. This week that article is featured on z/Journal's hom...
   A few IBM resources you might want to check out
I spend a great deal of time sitting at my notebook everyday, probably way too much time actually. I am always looking for new stuff to read, new RSS feeds to set up, and new pages to subscribe to. After all, the more stuff "sent to me", the less ...
   There's a lot to read already about DB2 9 for z/OS
I was out cruising around a few of IBM's DB2 web pages and found a few links to some presentations that have information about DB2 9 for z/OS in them. I also have a link to another blog I visit at the very end of this entry. He has listed more ...
   The DB2 9 for z/OS documentation is here in time for the weekend
Just think, you thought you wouldn't have anything to do this weekend. Thank goodness the DB2 lab has made all of the DB2 9 for z/OS documentation available for download from the web. Now you can spend Saturday and Sunday downloading the PDF ver...
   Going out on a limb with a few personal observations (aka: rant)
So, what does one do while waiting for their room to come ready and they don't want to actually do any heavy thinking. They find something to complain, I mean rant, about. Or at least, that is what I do. I just flew into LA from Houston. ...
   Baby Alert - Almost 8 Months: No DB2 content of any kind
Faith will be 8 months old next week on April 7, 2007. So what better time, or reason, for a Faith update. She's turning in a real bundle of energy now. She has no interest in sitting, has to stand constantly, she's fascinated by my dogs (I ...
  A little more positive press… this time they're talking data warehouse
You know me. I never miss a chance to pass along a little positive press that involves anything to do with DB2 for z/OS, no matter how remote. This time it's an article published in  Enterprise Systems titled  "IBM Encourages Custom..."
  IDUG is coming, IDUG is coming. Will you be there?
I know, you don't have a clue what this post is going to be about, do you… LOL     We're about a month away from one of DB2's biggest customer events. IDUG® (International DB2 User Group)     IDUG 2007 North America will be at the San Jose Convention ...
  A new security Redbook you really need to check out
Rick Butler, a friend of mine that lives just a "little" north of me (well, maybe a little more than "just a little" …smile), just e-mailed me that the new DB2 security Redbook is now available for general distribution. Rick also happens to be one o...
   "Myth-Busting DB2 Version 8 CPU Regression" in z/Journal Magazine
Cute title, right? That's what we called my latest article in z/Journal Magazine. If you like to take a look at the pre-publication of this article, go here: "Myth-Busting DB2 Version 8 CPU Regression"    That's it for now. Need to get to t...
  Need to get off Oracle? Then get the "book"
Since I started out today distributing information, I guess I'll just continue and put it all out here in one day.    Hot off the presses, there's a brand new Redbook that discusses converting Oracle to DB2 LUW. Yes, I know it's not DB2 for z/OS…
   Hot off the presses: "DB2 9 for z/OS Technical Overview" Redbook
If you're looking for a nice concise overview of everything worth reading about in DB2 9 for z/OS, your wait is over. IBM released its latest DB2 Redbook this morning:    DB2 9 for z/OS Technical Overview...
   Another new draft Redbook released: Enhancing SAP by using DB2 9 for z/OS
If you work with SAP and would like to know what's in DB2 9 for z/OS that you can look forward to, you need to check out this new draft Redbook just release by IBM:    Enhancing SAP by using DB2 9 for ...
Miscellaneous(to top)
   I read a great article today!
What is your real price tag when running your database on zSeries (the Mainframe)? So often debates about total cost of ownership (TCO) start and end with a pure hardware discussion. I came across an article on the web today that does a nice job ...
   IBM has an interesting sounding Webcast & Teleconference coming up
IBM has a new webcast scheduled for the end of October and a new teleconference scheduled for the beginning of November that sound like they could be interesting. They are technical, not sales; or at least the description doesn't sound like sales...
   A tale of two cities
No, not the book. And not even about DB2. Just sitting here in a semi confused state and thought I would rant for a minute. You see, we (my spouse and I) are die-hard St Louis Cardinal Baseball fans. She has been a fan all of her life and I ...
   Yes, a Post on DB2 LUW
Even I dabble sometimes and I do like to play around with my copy of DB2 UDB on Windows. Unfortunately, because of what I am supposed to do for my real job, I really do not get the opportunity enough. Because of that, I am always looking for ...
   Surfing IBM.COMI am an information junky. I admit it! It drives me crazy not being able to find out stuff when I'm interested in knowing it. I get a kick out of being able to find, and read about, cool stuff covering DB2, z/OS, new hardware, my competition, ...
   Let's end the year with something lighter - Acronyms
For my last blog entry in 2005, I thought I would update (steal from) something I wrote many years ago and end the year on a lighter note. I have always made fun of how we use acronyms when I present at conferences. This short write-up turns som...
   Some non-DB2 meaningless Monday morning banter
Yes, I know it's Tuesday afternoon. But lately, everything seems to be a Monday morning. Things have just been wild lately. So this post is just a bunch of potpourri and other unimportant tidbits that are interesting to me, maybe a little ...
   "Oh, the weather outside is frightful... "
"But the fire is so delightful... " Not down here, there's no frightful weather and no fire. In fact, I just returned from a quick 160 miles bike run and the big flashing thermometer atop the bank said it was 84 degrees and 12:45 PM. Let me ...
   Road Warrior Alert: Do you have your US Passport with you?
If you are a US citizen and tend not to leave North America very often, you probably didn't care one way or the other if you had your passport with you. After all, if you were boarding a plane at Toronto's Pearson International Airport heading back ...
   Odd things on a cold Sunday morning; No DB2 Content
This content may seem odd for some and it is definitely cold in Houston terms. And there is absolutely no DB2 in this morning's entry. I'm just sitting hear watching the last hour of the Rolex 24 and playing with all of that weird stuff I don't ...
   Dinosaurs unite (and have some fun while you're doing it)
Yup, we are definitely back and definitely going to kick some.
Back in September 2006 I posted about our (IBM's) second mainframe contest for college students,   2006 IBM Mas...
   Flash: I messed up one of my entries. please read
Yup, stuff happens and it probably will not be the last time. Sometimes I simply type way too fast and don't bother doing a good job of proof reading my own stuff. When that happens, stuff that is flat out incorrect slips through. Thank ...
   In Memory of STS-107 - February 1, 2003
Just before 9:00 AM on February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas while on approach to land at Kennedy Space Center ending a mission that lasted just under 16 days.
NASA Photograph STS-107 Crew...
   Some more positive press about the mainframe
InfoWorld and  PressZoom - Global News Service has some positive comments about the IBM mainframe based on some announcements made today at  SHARE. You can read these articles here:  "IBM continues to simplify mainframe" and ...
  Baby Alert - 6 month update: No DB2 content of any kind
Faith is now just over 6 months old and growing like a weed. I know I am a bit biased, but this baby does everything it can to be happy. It's actually pretty cool the positive attitude she has. Eat, play, and sleep... what a life. No vitals ...
   What do you post when you have nothing to post?
Karen and I are in Bowling Green, KY tonight for my first of a few days of R&R. Nice place to visit. Of course, there are always the bad parts of visiting all cities. I just discovered this small, local, privately owned donut shop. I know, the ...
   Baby Alert - just for fun: No DB2 content of any kind
It's Sunday night and I am packing for a 6:30 AM flight up to Dallas. My family has just returned from celebrating youngest daughter's 19th birthday at Benihana's. She will not let me post pictures of her (smart kid) but my grandchild has no ...
  DB2 9 for z/OS webcast April 3, 2007
The first IBM webcast cover DB2 9 for z/OS since DB2 9 went GA is this week, Tuesday, April 3, 2007. It is scheduled for 11:00 am EDT, 10:00 am CDT, 8:00 am PDT. You can register for this webcast at...
  IBM DB2 9 Database Administration for z/OS Exam (732) is now available
Yup, it's time to update you skills inventory with one more certification, DB2 9 for z/OS DBA. Susan Visser has a nice write up with all of the particulars on &nb...
  There's still time to vote in my "What version of DB2" poll
I just wanted to remind everyone that there is still time to vote in the poll I'm conducting about the level of DB2 you are currently running. You can  Click Here to get to that blog entry. Remember, it is complete anonymous. Well...
  Oops! Were did that piece of data go?
In my not to distant past, I spent a bunch of time doing stuff with recovery. In fact, at quite a few past IDUGs, both in the US and Australia, I did a full day seminar on recovery. With my return to IBM, I stopped doing the Sunday seminars....
  Information on Demand (IOD) 2007 call for speakers
This is the first in a series of post pushing out information about the upcoming Information on Demand 2007 conference. Yes, some will simply be shameless advertising in an attempt to entice people to attend. However, for the most part, I hope you...
  This may be a slow week for blogging
I will be on vacation this week, driving up to Bowling Green, KY for a few days. Because I don't work well in a car, and most of my time will be spent in a car, I probably will not get many opportunities to blog. This is one of those vacations...
   Want to get rid of your router?
At least for short hall, 300 feet and less for indoor connects. This stuff is a little out of my league so normally this not something I would post about. I hooked up my router, it worked, I was thrilled, and I haven't touched it since....
  IDUG recap - Day 1, Sunday, May 6, 2007
It's Sunday, I'm San Jose, so it must be IDUG. North American IDUG 2007 started today. Sunday consists of the all day seminars, a bunch of meetings for the speakers and moderators, and the "Welcome Reception". Although there were a bunch of ...
   IDUG recap - Day 2, Monday, May 7, 2007
IDUG is off and running with the first full day of technical sessions out of the way. Like most IDUG's, there's just too much to do. No matter how carefully I plan what sessions I want to attend, there's never enough time to make it to all of the ...
   IDUG recap - Day 3, Tuesday, May 8, 2007
IDUG's second full day is in the books. From an attendee's point of view, this was a very, very good day for presentations. I first have some business left over from last night. Of all the sessions held Monday, which were most popular based on ...
   IDUG recap - Day 3, Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - Addendum
I think any one that has been exposed to DB2 for z/OS for more than a few hours knows who Roger Miller is. He is part of the DB2 for z/OS lab at Silicon Valley. He's also a staple in the DB2 community, someone everyone looks too when they have a ...
   Help out with my IDUG blogging this week
I have been doing short write ups on what is going on at IDUG this week. The one problem I always have doing this is that I can only be in one place at a time… plus I sometimes have other meetings to attend while at IDUG.    My suggestion for a ...
   IDUG recap - Day 4, Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Let's get the important stuff out of the way immediately; session attendance. Of all the sessions held on Tuesday, the most popular based on the number of individuals that attended each session were...
   IDUG North America 2007 has concluded
Sorry, but I didn't have a chance to post last night. I was out having a magnificent dinner at Scott's Seafood restaurant with a friend. After a good bottle of Cabernet, I thought I shouldn't try to write anything.   Getting back on topic with ...
  It's Sunday; time to relax and discuss something "lighter"!!!
With that sentiment in mind, I thought I would make a short post about a website I came across that for me was quite entertaining.    I'm a bit of a music nut. My CD collection numbers over a thousand, I still have hundreds albums in vinyl and in ...
  IBM TV - you have to check this out
Yup, IBM has its own internet television station, sort of.. It has a website that gives you access to some professionally done videos; some funny, some serious, but all very informative in there own special way. You really need to stop by and ...
  Baby Alert - Almost 10 Months: No DB2 content of any kind
Next month on June 7, Faith will turn 10 months old. Yes, this post is a week early. However, she was at the house today and we were taking some pictures so I figured what better time to post a few.    She's loud all of the time, goes non-stop, ...
  Sunday's Silly & Superficial Story: The nothing program that broke
Starting today, I'm going to try to do a new series of posts every Sunday that I'm calling "Sunday's Silly & Superficial Story". This is my intentional attempt at writing about nothing in particular other than something NOT related to DB2 and hopefu...
   "Who you gonna call?" For DB2, you don't want Ghostbusters!!!
While you're reading today's post, hum the theme song from the movie "Ghostbusters".    Your sitting at your desk and a DB2 issue comes up. DB2 isn't broken, nothing is performing improperly, and you know that this isn't a problem that has anything ...
   Sunday's Silly & Superficial Story: A nothing post, actually closer to a rant
It's after dinner Sunday night. The NASCAR race was cancelled this afternoon because of rain so nothing to watch this evening on TV. However, we did get to attend the Houston Astros game this afternoon. They played the St Louis Cardinals; the ...
   A completely nothing post, just an attempt at a little humor
Today has been an unbelievably busy day. I am trying to finish the review of a Redbook and an article, finish one of my own articles, prepare some stuff for the zNextGen project at SHARE, and do the job IBM pays me to do. Right now, between urgent ...
   Sunday's Silly & Superficial Story: A good weekend and a not so good weekend
What a weekend! It was Karen's birthday, Father's Day, and Lauren had to take her teacher's certification exam so she can start teaching in the fall. This will be her first full time job and she will be teaching 7th grade life science at a local ...
   Sunday's Silly & Superficial Story: What about all of that "e-mail"
You, and a list of others, receive an e-mail with a 10Mb attachment asking for your comments. A few minutes later you start getting the "I agree" responses to the entire copy list with the attachment still attached. Sound familiar.    E-mail ...
   Now this is really different: IBM's in Second Life
Have you been to Second Life? If you haven't, then you really need to stop by. It's, well, different to say the least. All you need to do is install the software, register, and build an avatar and you're ready to do "business" in virtual ...
    Something a little "lighter" (??) for your Friday enjoyment
Lighter yet still a serious issue. This is a slightly humorous depiction of an issue that I am seeing way to often in real life. Watch, enjoy, and take note: have you checked your basement for "servers" lately.    Remember, there is a "cure..."

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